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About Us


Leroy F. Robinson, MD

I came to Hartsville almost 30 years ago to fulfill a commitment I made upon entering medical school - to provide women’s healthcare in underserved rural South Carolina. My original intent was to honor that obligation to the letter of my commitment and move on. Needless to say, this community has a way of captivating you. My family and I embraced this community as it embraced us. So, here we are, well beyond my 3 year obligation.


In a time when we can sometimes find more that divides us than bring us together, I’m forever trying to find common ground.


During my early days, when I was almost overwhelmed with the task I’d taken on, I found sanctuary with group of natives who informally called ourselves the “Blackcreek Cigar & Gun Club”. We were diverse in our ethnicity, our backgrounds, and even, I dare say, our social standing. However, we shared a love of God and country and we all enjoyed a good cigar, a relaxing beverage and a satisfying meal.


I met Doctor McCord when I was on the verge of burnout and again overwhelmed with the tasks at hand. I witnessed what they had accomplished at "The Humidor” Bennettsville, and the thought of recreating that kind of sanctuary keeps me here.

From this, Docs Humidor was conceived!

Come join us in our sanctuary where we come together and share our experiences on common ground. 

Join us at Docs Humidor ~ Cigar, Wine & Jazz Lounge! 

Gregory A. McCord, ED.D

My wife Angela and I moved to Marlboro Co. four years ago, where I enjoyed serving as a School District Superintendent. 


We opened our first Lounge two years ago. The goal was to create an atmosphere, where people could feel comfortable being themselves, in an atmosphere of responsible adults. 


Since then, we have met many wonderful people,  who enjoy some of the same pleasures! One is Dr. Leroy Robinson, a well-respected OB/GYN in the Pee Dee region, and an incredible friend. We discussed and decided that we could bring the same energy to Hartsville that was created at "The Humidor" Bennettsville. We knew that it was something we had to do. 


Life is but a journey with an inevitable end, until then, let’s enjoy it at Docs Humidor ~ Cigar, Wine & Jazz Lounge.  


Gregory (Doc) McCord

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